WWU Men’s Crew Wins Team Title!

For the first time in six years, the WWU Men’s Crew Team wins Team Title at the Northwest Collegiate Rowing Conference Championships! The Men’s Varsity 8, Novice 8 and Light Weight 4 all placed first in their races, scoring full points and summing up quite a lead on the other teams. The Junior Varsity 4 placed 2nd to Lewis and Clark. The Novice 4 placed 5th. The Varsity 4 placed second to Lewis and Clark, as well.

It has been a long journey for the coaches and rowers. They are all ecstatic to have their efforts and dedication pay off. Coach Jack Marolich was part of the last team of rowers to win the Team Title in 2006. Both Jack and Jason rowed together in 2007 and 2008 and have coached together for the last two years. Their passion for the sport and dedication to the team helped them in coaching; to foster the love of rowing for the novice and returning rowers alike while teaching the skill and technique to apply power through the water.

The Varsity 8

Varsity 8 +: Cox: Zak Johnson Stroke: Nolan Shinn 7: Zac Balonik 6: Joe Gregersen 5: Matt Reider 4: Carl Smith 3: Nate Theis 2: Zach Murphy bow: Aaron Meyers

Novice 8+: Cox: Mackenzie Popovich Stroke: Roddy van der Linden 7: Aaron Meyers 6: Carl Smith 5: Nate Theis 4: Nathan Haase 3: Brad Verbon 2: Johnny Petrinovich-Bartich Bow: Jeff Forbes

Varsity 4+: Cox: Zak Johnson Stroke: Joe Gregersen 3: Matt Reider 2: Carl Smith bow: Zac Balonik

Novice 4+: Cox: Sam Carlos Stroke: Brent Wesockes 3: Hayden Hanna 2: John Brunderman Bow: David Sweeney

Varsity Lightweight 4+: Cox: Mackenzie Popovich Stroke: Nolan Shinn 3: Aaron Meyers 2: Roddy van der Linden Bow: Brad Verbon

Junior Varsity 4+: Cox: Sam Carlos Stroke: Thomas Downey 3: Hayden Hanna 2: Johnny Petrinovich-Bartich   Bow: Kyle Heibert

The Varsity Four and Novice Four will be in Sacramento, CA this weekend for the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships.

The Varsity Four consists of Cox: Zac Johnson, Stroke: Zach Murphy, 3: Matt Reider, 2: Joe Gregersen Bow: Zak Balonick

The Novice Four consists of Cox: Mackenzie Popovich, Stroke: Aaron Meyers, 3: Nate Thies, 2: Carl Smith, Bow: Brad Verbon