WSU Duel and HOTL Recap

Hey all,

As you know, our team hosted WSU for the annual WSU v. WWU duel on Lake Whatcom, November 2nd. The morning started off fairly calm but as time went on, the storm blew in. The WWU and WSU Varsity 8’s launched at 8:30am with hopes of racing the shortened (3500m) course. As the five 8’s of men rowed out to Strawberry Point where the starting line waited for them, Lake Whatcom was beginning to white cap and the men were feeling winds with gusts well over 20mph. At the coaches discretion, the race was modified to a race rowing by fours with the hopes of holding a set boat through the rough chop. As the race began, all five 8’s jumped off the start, rowing by fours, switching back and fourth between bow four and stern four rowing. WWU A8+ took on a few very large waves, very quickly in a row, making the top 8 slowly take on water. WSU B8+ were in the same situation. With the four rowers attempting to bail the boat while their other four teammates continued to row, the water rushing over the gunwale of the boat was filling quicker than could be thrown back. WWU A8+ filled with water, the men unstrapped their feet and took a dip in Lake Whatcom quickly followed by WSU B8+ doing the same. Both boats were recovered and towed back to the dock and all men and women were safely picked up by the launch boats. Races following the Varsity 8’s were cancelled and the duel was called a WSU victory by getting two boats back to the dock compared to WWU’s one.


Head of the Lake proved to be a fantastic day of weather for the regatta, a nice treat having just swamped a boat the day before for the WWU Men. The A8+ split into a A4+ and B4+ for the regatta. Both 4’s had great races, placing 5th and 6th out of 11 teams in the collegiate V4+ race. Both 4’s finished behind UW A, UW B, Frazier Valley, Univ. of Oregon. The A4+ had a breakage with 850m to go, causing their time to suffer but held it together and finished the race as strong as possible with only 3 rowers.


The team is looking forward to spring racing and can’t wait to see all the friends, families, and fans out at the races showing their support! Thanks to all who support our team and enjoy watching us race!


WWU A4+ (Joe Gregersen, Carl Smith, Chris Swanson, Zak Balonick, Isabel Vassiliadis)


WWU B4+ (Henry Brown, Brad Verbon, Gen Carrillo, Roddy Van der Linden, Brayden Jacobsen)