Winter break coming to an end!

With winter breaks end approaching quickly the WWU Men’s Crew team is staying in shape and amping up for the upcoming season. For those of you that do not know much about our team, it is a group of about 30, hard working individuals, men and women. There is a solid group of rowers this year, returners and novice, along with a great group of coxswains. The team is looking to repeat the wins they had last year through hard work and grueling practices. The men’s team will take on new rowers (men) and new coxswains (men or women) throughout the year. No experience is needed, you will be learning to row the day you join. We are hoping to get a final schedule soon so when we do it will be up on the website so all can see. Races will begin early March so it is almost here! If you are interested in rowing, being a part of the team, or knowing anything else about us, feel free to email us using the link on the website.

This fall, the team practiced for part of September, October and part of November then traveled to Pullman for the annual DARE Dual against WSU. WSU raced hard and won back the trophy this year but left WWU with motivation to push themselves harder, mentally and physically. When all racing was done, the team put together a raffle to be held at school to help raise money for traveling and equipment. The raffle was a success, not only brining in money but also potential teammates. It was a fun two week process that left the team in good spirits for the end of the quarter. The winner was, Tyler from LA, California, who happily left that day with a brand new GoPro HD Hero 3. Congratulations Tyler! The team is planning on using some of the profits for the next prize, hopefully even bigger and better! This raffle is looking to take place within the month of February.

Thanks for all those who support our team! Look out in a few months and see how we do!