We’re Back!

After a long summer, the WWU Men’s Crew team is back at it! The Head of the Charles camp is currently in session and we’re looking forward to a fantastic season with our new head coach, Charlie Hamlin!

The team will be at the Info Fair recruiting new rowers this Monday and Tuesday from 11am to 3pm.

If the weather’s good, it will be in Red Square, but if not, you’ll find us in the Viking Union. We should have oars and a banner, so you’ll see us! While no rowing experience is required to join the team, we are looking for competitive athletes. You should have a background in some sort of sports and be ready to join a group of hard-working young men who are dedicated to the sport and team. We are also recruiting coxswains of any gender. Coxswains provide the steering, instructions, and some motivation for the rowers and are usually light in bodyweight.