Viking Volunteers

With snow flurries whipping about and wind chills well into the single digits, the Men’s Crew Team took a change of course from the usual Saturday practice. Instead of rowing on Lake Whatcom or running Taylor Hill, the team drove up north to Sumas, WA to take part in a Habitat for Humanity housing project. Unlike on the water, members of the crew team were taking a different kind of stroke: the stroke of a steady paint brush.

Working in a heated yet unfinished house, the volunteers helped transform the barren white walls and drywall dusted floors into something a little more like home. The site supervisor and veteran volunteers (along with the candidates for the house) were eager to teach the rowers a thing or two about painting. Along with the paint job, a few members of the team worked under the house securing insulation material. With valuable trade skills and the gratification of helping others, the team had a great time helping out with the project. We would like to thank Mateo, Chris, Jake, Kim, Victor and Jessica for allowing us to be part of such a great program. We wish the best of luck to the future homeowner Victor and his family.