Team Updates Coming Soon! Next up: Windermere Cup at UW

Hello family, friends, and alumni of WWU Men’s Crew,

Apologies for the lack of updates this past week! Travelling and scheduling of classes has made the past couple of weeks very busy. Nonetheless, we will have an updated article on NCRC’s and WIRA’s posted within the next couple of days!

The next race will be this Saturday at the Montlake Cut in Seattle for the Windermere Cup. WWU Men’s Varsity 8 will be rowing against UW’s  4th Varsity and their Freshman Boat along with Loyola Marymount University Varsity 8. Western’s Varsity 4 raced against LMU’s V4 at WIRA’s and was able to push ahead taking first in their heat (details about the outcome of WIRAs to come…). Now rowing in the V8, Western and LMU have new factors to take into account for their races. The race between UW, LMU and Western should be a very close and exciting race.

Please come out to see this spectacular event where crews from around the state come to compete both at the high school and collegiate level. The national team from Argentina will be racing Gonzaga, Orgeon State, Virginia, and Washington for the Windermere Cup at 11:45. Western will be racing at 10:46am. For a complete schedule see below. Please note that the Montlake Bridge will be closed to vehicular traffic from 9am to 3pm so please plan accordingly. The bridge will also be raised after the last race so please make sure you get to the right side of the bridge before it goes up.

Event  Time RACES Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5/6
1 10:20 Mixed 4x (50+) Gorge ERA GLC OAR  
2 10:22 Men’s 8+ (age 40+) LUC SRA LWRC SLRC  
3 10:24 Women’s 8+ (age 30+) SLRC PRC LWRC SRA  
4 10:26 Mixed 8+ (age 30+) SRA LUC Gorge WRC  
5 10:28 Mixed 8+ (age 50+) BIRC VIRC MBC Cor RC  
6 10:30 Men’s 8+ (age 60+) VIRC AM LUC PRC  
7 10:32 Women’s 8+ (age 60+) CRC MRA MM MRC  
8 10:37 Men’s Varsity 4+ UW UW OSU LMU PRC/WSU
9 10:40 Women’s Varsity 4+ UW GU UW WWU Uvic/UP
10 10:43 Women’s Open 8+ UW WWU UW UP UP
11 10:46 Men’s Open 8+ UW UW LMU WWU  
12 10:48 Boy’s 4x          
13 10:52 Girl’s 4x          
14 10:54 Girl’s High School 8+          
15 10:57 Girl’s Junior Club 8+          
16 11:00 Boy’s High School 8+          
17 11:02 Boy’s Junior Club 8+          
18 11:05 Women’s Freshman 8+ UW Uvic UW WWU  
19 11:10 Men’s Freshman 8+ OSU UW UW    
20 11:20 Women’s Erickson Cascade Cup Otago UW WWU GU  
21 11:25 Men’s Erickson Cascade Cup OSU UW WSU    
22 11:35 Women’s Windermere Cup Argentina UW GU    
23 11:45 Men’s Windermere Cup UVA UW Argentina OSU  

Your continued support of Western Washington Men’s Crew is much appreciated and makes this team what it is today! Please come out this Saturday to show your support and see one of the coolest regattas in the Pacfic Northwest! Directions and parking instructions can be found here.