Racing on the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia PA

Hey all,

I apologize about not following up after our Varsity 4 traveled to Philadelphia for the Dad Vail regatta but school was hectic and after that it slipped my mind. Following our victorious NCRC Championship, the Varisty 4 (Joe Gregersen, Nate Thies, Carl Smith, Zak Balonick, Isabel Vassiliadis) flew across the country to race at a national championship, the Dad Vail Regatta. Meeting them out there was a brand new Vespoli 4+, purchased by the team earlier that spring. After going for a few practice rows in the new boat, the V4 was getting better acquainted and familiar with the new boat and beginning to feel a little more comfortable. The structure of the event had heat races, semi-finals, and the grand final. Each race, teams had to place top 2 in order to advance. The V4 took their lane at the starting line on the day of the heat races and when the flag dropped they held nothing back. They took a close 2nd place after a rocky race but they advanced to the semi-finals. Adjusting to a new boat is not easy and the V4 was hoping for a better race the following day in their semi-final race. On the warm up to the semis, races were delayed, due to course malfunction, for nearly 50 minutes. They started their race, had a great jump immediately off the line but the extreme wind and currents led the next lanes boat directly into the side of our V4. The race was restarted, it was a clean start but a rocky race. Unfortunately the V4 did not advance to the grand finals after finishing in a disappointing 4th place. Based on overall times, the WWU V4+ took 12th out of 58 schools competing in the men’s Varsity 4+ race. The team is hoping to return next year and give everyone a run for a podium finish.

Thank you all who support us every year and make rowing possible and enjoyable!