Opening Day 2012

For the weekend of Cinco De Mayo, the Western Men’s Crew team headed south to the Montlake Cut to participate in the annual opening day ceremony hosted by the University of Washington. The Western Men fielded the Varsity 8 for the open men’s 8 race, competing against two boats from the University of Washington, their fourth Varsity 8, and third Novice 8, as well as Loyola Marymount University’s Varsity 8. The boats lined up at the edge of the yacht line course, music and air horns blaring from either side, the official announced “attention, row!” Immediately off the line the Western men were competing for first with both of the UW boats and beginning to walk away from the LMU 8. By 750 meters in the UW 4V8 boat had began to pull away, with Western in hot pursuit, along with the other UW boat on Western’s stern giving the men motivation to push through. By the time the boats had entered into the Cut, the UW 4V8 had nearly lost contact with the Western boat, and it was now a battle for 2nd between Western and UW’s 3rd Novice 8. Western was able to edge out the UW boat, being the only crew to beat a UW boat throughout the entire day. Overall the Men had a successful day in Seattle, and able to enjoy a major event in the rowing community that is known as Opening Day.