Husky Open Results

The WWU Men’s Crew team competed at the Husky Open on Saturday, April 2, facing off in 2000m sprints with the UW Huskies, Lewis and Clark College, and the University of Puget Sound. Under an overcast sky and cool morning air, the Varsity 4+ started out the day racing three UW shells at 8:30am. With Tohn Keagle coxing Stuart Doty at stroke seat, Ben W. in three, Severn A. in two, and Henry B. in the bow, the boat placed 4/4 with a time of 7:25.64. Although some technical issues with the racing shell limited performance, the men set a mood of fighting hard despite setbacks.

Later, the Men’s Novice 8+ dueled a Washington Novice 8+, beginning at 10:14am. Evelyn Sides coxed Ben Chapman, Alex K., Joel G., Henry L., Evan M., Nick D., Nathan H., and Zach M. in the race, which began with brief but harmless contact between boats due to an alignment issue. The WWU eight finished the duel with a time of 7:26.32, placing 2/2.

At 10:40am, the Crew’s second Varsity 8+ entered the first conference match of the day with a UW 8+, Lewis and Clark College’s second Varsity 8+, and a second Varsity 8+ from the University of Puget Sound. Bayley Maynard sat in the coxswain seat, leading Nick Vitalis in stroke seat and Daniel K., Kal I., Nic C., Alex M., Caleb N., Mitchel T., and Mike O. in seven through bow. Charged with competitive energy in light of the day’s previous results, the WWU 2V8+ dug blades deep in the water after an unexpectedly early start. Beginning at a quick 49 strokes per minute, the eight matched Lewis and Clark and UPS for the first 400 meters of the race. Striding out to a brisk 36 strokes per minute, WWU fought Lewis and Clark head to head for the bulk of the race, with either crew pulling ahead of the other in turn as the UPS eight began falling back. Entering the Montlake Cut, the Western eight surged forward and held the lead for the last 500 meters of the race. They finished half a boat length ahead of Lewis and Clark with a time of 6:55.66, placing 2/4 behind UW.

To conclude the WWU men’s events—and the regatta’s collegiate races—the premier Varsity 8+ faced off against UW, Lewis and Clark, and UPS at 11:10am. With Gen Carrillo coxing Stuart Doty, Henry B., Ben W. Severn A., Jackson W., Micah M., Corban M., and Mason S., the eight tore off of the starting line with tension in the air between themselves and the rival UPS Varsity 8+. The boats fought long and hard the entire length of the course, with never more than half a boat length of open water between the two, as Lewis and Clark faded behind. The Western men finished 3/4 in a time of 6:37.44.


Novice 8+


JV 8+


Varsity 8+

You can follow the Husky Open results here

Written by Kal Imlay

Photos by Tohn Keagle