Head of the Lake 2015

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Head of the Lake 2014

V8+ took 6/7 with a time of 18:02. UW won the collegiate 8’s with a time of 15:59.

JV8+ took 9/9 with a time of 19:47.

Both crews raced up at this event, as is tradition at HOTL, also competing against Stanford, Oregon State, U of Oregon, Gonzaga, UBC, UVic, and WSU.

V8: Charlotte Nieman, Henry Brown, Nick Jensen, Severn Anderson, Gabriel Moss, Jeff Pratt, Ben Wapels, Stuart Doty, and Corban McKay

JV8: Marielle Face, Grant Williams, Patrick Abercrombie, Mason Starr, Daniel Korus, Kal Imlay, Dario Castellon, Mitchell Tokuoka, Michael Ottele

Thanks to all who came out to support the team! We have a duel race with Frazier Valley @ Whatcom next Saturday, stay tuned for more info as well as pics from HOTL.