Fall Season Approaching Fast!

The WWU Men’s crew team ended their season on Memorial Day weekend with the Varsity 4, Zac Johnson (cox), Zak Balonick, Joe Gregersen, Matt Reider, and Zach Murphy, rowing at ACRA Nationals in Gainesville, Georgia. The V4 battled straight through their heat race and semi-final to make it to the Grand Final being the smallest school to make it. The V4 pushed through intense heat and an unfamiliar shell to come away with a 7th place finish out of 33 total schools. The team is not in training through the summer but are expected to remain in shape on their own time.

Men’s crew is hoping for a decent amount of rowers to come back for the 2012-2013 season and for even more incoming freshman and other students to join the team. They are looking for men and women, men for rowing and a few women for coxswain positions. For those who don’t know the sport, there is a coxswain who steers the boat and gives commands to the rowers. They are the brains, the rowers are the braun. The 2012-2013 team is looking very strong and hoping to continue the championship winning season like they ended with last season. Come try it out!

We will have a table set up at the Red Square Info Fair with more information on the first meeting and practice! See you there!

For more information email Captain Joe Gregersen at joe131kx@yahoo.com or Head Coach Jack Marolich at jack.marolich@gmail.com