Clothing Order

Clothing orders for families, friends and alumni are now available!

There are a variety of products this year. All orders are being coordinated through Amjay Inc in Bellingham WA. To place orders, email Jess at with the Product number, size and quantity. The orders are set to close on January 18th, with products being shipped and arriving within a few weeks of the order closing, well in advance of our first spring races. The products will all bear the logos shown in the example below. Inking will either be in Dark Navy or White, depending on the fabric colors.


Product ID# Color Price
Baseball shirts, men’s and women’s DT262 Deep Royal 20
Sport-tek long sleeve T  ST361LS  True Navy 20
Golf hat       333115 Navy 25
Bucket hat          HCF Navy 20
Scarf STA02 Navy and Grey 20
Laptop case    BG650M  Black 15
Tablet case  BG650S  Black 12
Stadium blanket   BP80 Navy 25
Hooded pullover ST290 True Navy 45
Fleece vest F228 Navy and Charcoal 40
Microfleece jacket F230 True Navy 35
Softshell jacket    J318 Blue and Navy 45
Jacket    J304 True Navy 60


– Choose products, record ID#, sizes and quantity. To view products, enter the ID# in the search tab on this webpage.

– Email in a message titled “WWU MENS CREW ORDER- (last name)”. Include the product ID#, sizes and quantities desired.

-Order window will be closing January 18th, the third Sunday of the month. This is to provide ample time for ordering, as well as printing and shipping. Products should be arriving within a few weeks of the 18th.


Shirt mock up