Daffodil Cup and Spring Season approach…

The vikings are getting set for their first race of the season, The Daffodil Cup on American Lake in Tacoma. The race will be held on Saturday, March 26th with the following schedule.

1 9:00 Women’s 2N8/3V
2 9:30 Men’s V8
3 9:45 Women’s V8
4 10:00 Women’s 2V8
5 10:15 Men’s 1N4
6 10:30 Women’s 1N4
7 10:45 Men’s 1V4
8 11:00 Women’s 1V4
9 11:15 Men’s N8
10 11:30 Women’s N8
11 11:45 Men’s 2V4
12 12:00 Women’s 2V4

The Vikings will be entering a boat in every category. Come and cheer on the viking rowers in their first test this spring season!

Directions to American Lake

From I-5 either direction take exit 123 Thorne Lane.
Turn west and proceed on Thorne until it curves to the left (south).
Immediately turn right (which is still Thorne).
It will begin to curve left (south) again and will become Woodlawn.
The park is on your right, proceed to the main parking lot entrance at the break in the chain link fence.