Cascade Sprints and Husky Open Recap

Hey family, friends, and fans,

I’m sorry I forgot to post the schedule of todays races at UW, it was a busy week for all of our guys being the first week of the quarter and it slipped my mind. Here is a small recap of the last two weekend we have now raced.

Last saturday we traveled down to Tacoma for the Cascade Sprints for the first race of our season. This year, the races worked a bit differently now having heat races followed by petite and grand finals for the Varsity 8, Varsity 4, and Novice 8 boats. In the heat races the Varsity 8 took second behind WSU’s top 8 and crossed in front of Puget Sound and Pacific Lutheran putting them into the Varsity 8 grand final. The JV8 took third behind WSU and UO putting them into the petite final for the V8 boats which later was cancelled. The Varsity 4 went out in their heat and tied for first with Seattle University pushing both boats into the grand final as well. The Novice 8 final was cancelled, creating a one race final where the N8 took third behind WSU and Portland State, crossing in front of Oregon, Puget Sound and WSU (B). In the finals, the Varsity 8 and Varsity 4 both took fourth with some of the rowers on their 4th race for the day. Overall, the team is pleased with the rowing but is hoping to improve fitness and hit their peak for the NCRC Championship.

Today, the team raced at the University of Washington for the Husky Open. It was a great chance for the team to race a National Championship team and gauge their speed against the fastest in the nation. The course was shortened to 1500m due to rough water and wind. The team was extremely pleased with the V8 race as they finished behind UW’s 3V8 by half a length of open proving had it been a full 2000m, the V8 would have improved their best time by at least 10 seconds making the strides they are looking for. All other boats raced well too and the team as a whole is using the chance to race up to push them to another level for their upcoming races.

Next weekend, the team will be driving down to Eugene, Oregon to race on Dexter Lake for the Covered Bridge Regatta. It will be another great race against UW and a few other D1 schools along with a few schools from our conference.

Thank you to all our family, friends and fans who came out and stood in the down pour while we raced through the Montlake Cut! We would love to see you all next weekend on Dexter Lake!