ACRA 2016

It’s Georgia time again! Catch the V8’s first race at 9:06am Pacific time at the link below.

We’ll update this as results and events come in! We’ll also be putting updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Results Here

5th in the heats with 6:19, beating Colorado and Georgia

4th in the repechage with 6:15, beating Illinois and Wichita St

5th in the C Final with 6:19, beating SDSU, Colorado, and Michigan St

Congratulations to Genevieve Carillo and Henry Brown for their 4-year career with the Vikings.

The V8+, left to right: Severn Anderson (3rd year), Henry Brown (4th), Corban McKay (3rd), Coxswain Gen Carillo (4th), Jackson Wood (3rd), Micah Melkonian (1st), Henry Lamarche (1st), Ben Waples (3rd), and Mason Starr (1st)