Mar 27 2014

Daffodil Sprints Schedule – 3/29/14

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foggy daffodil


This Saturday March 29th the Vikings will be travelling to American Lake in Tacoma, WA to compete in their opening 2k regatta of Spring ’14. Spectators can meet and view the crews from Harry Todd Park, where roughly the last 250 meters of racing can be seen. The park is located at: N Thorne Ln SW, Lakewood, WA 98498, just off exit 123 on I-5. This race tends to be a wet and blustery one, so dress accordingly. The Vikings will be fielding 4 boats: Varsity 8+, Novice 8+, 2nd Novice 8+, and a V4+. Schedule posted below, see you there!



         Time   WWU Men’s Events  Boats Entered
7:30-   Coach & Cox Meeting
9:20-   M8 – heat 1  WWU V8 (lane 5)
9:30-   M8 – heat 2  WWU N8 (lane 4) & 2N8 (lane 5)
10:00-   M4 – heat 1  WWU V4 (lane 5)
10:20-   BREAK
11:50-   M8 Petite Final  *Boats not in Grand Final
12:00-   M8 Grand Final  *Top 2 from M8 heats and next 2 fastest times
12:30-   M4 Petite Final  *Boats not in Grand Final
12:40-   M4 Grand Final  *Top 2 from M4 heats and next 2 fastest times


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Mar 23 2014

Fraser Valley Results

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The Western men had a great duel against the Fraser Valley Men’s Crew yesterday on Lake Whatcom. It was a beautiful morning for rowing with glassy water all day. The two teams had a big spaghetti feed friday night and headed to the lake saturday morning for a great mix of racing. Due to a missing start line bouy, races varied from 1900m-2100m. Here are the results from the races:

Fraser V8 5:55.64
Western V8 6:00.69

Western JV8 6:38.25
Fraser JV8 6:56.47

Western V4 6:43.71
Fraser V4 6:54.79

Fraser JV4 6:51.14
Western JV4 7:03.94

Western 8NovA 6:36.68
Fraser 8Nov 6:38.71
Western 8NovB 7:13.81

The two teams went back and forth, taking wins, making for an exciting day of racing. Great job to Fraser Valley and WWU. Thank you to all friends and family who support us and were out there showing their support yesterday morning!
Next stop, American Lake, Tacoma, WA! See you all there!
Varsity 4 (Joe Gregersen, Carl Smith, Henry Brown, Brayden Jacobson, Gen Carrillo) getting ready at the start line. Photo by Tohn Keagle

Varsity 4 getting ready at the start line.
(Joe Gregersen, Carl Smith, Henry Brown, Brayden Jacobson, Gen Carrillo (cox))
Photo by Tohn Keagle


Varisty 4 performing a 30 stroke warm up piece. Photo by Tohn Keagle

Varisty 4 performing a 30 stroke warm up piece.
Photo by Tohn Keagle


JV4 mid race against Fraser Valley. (Rod Van der Linden, Quinton McDermott, Chris Swanson, Nathan Haase, Marielle Face) Photo by Tohn Keagle

JV4 mid race against Fraser Valley.
(Rod Van der Linden, Quinton McDermott, Luke Triemstra, Nathan Haase, Marielle Face (cox))
Photo by Tohn Keagle


Novice 8 powering to their win against Fraser Valley N8 and WWU 2N8. (Drew Doughty (Cox), Jackson Wood, Gabe Solseng, Severn Anderson, Spencer Cutsforth, Drew Falabella, Brandon Khademi, Evan Zolfkie, Brenden Aune) Photo by Tohn Keagle

Novice 8 powering to their win against Fraser Valley N8 and WWU 2N8.
(Drew Doughty (cox), Jackson Wood, Gabe Solseng, Severn Anderson, Spencer Cutsforth, Drew Falabella, Brandon Khademi, Evan Zofkie, Brenden Aune)
Photo by Tohn Keagle





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Mar 19 2014

Fraser Valley Duel Schedule

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Hey all friends and family,

This saturday, March 22nd, we are taking on Fraser Valley in a duel on Lake Whatcom! Here is the schedule for saturday:
9:15 – coach and cox meeting
10:00 – V8 2k
10:45 – JV8 2k
11:15 – V4 2k
12:00 – JV4
12:30 – FV JV8 vs WWU Nov8 and 2nd Nov 8

We hope to see you all there and thanks for all the support coming into our spring season!

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Mar 16 2014

Samish 1k Sprint Results

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Thank you to all family and friends that came to watch us race!  Come see us next Saturday, March 22nd, at Lake Whatcom against Fraser Valley

8WWUa – 2:57 8UPSb – 3:05
8UPSa – 2:56 8SPU – 3:09
8WWUna – 3:07 8WWUnv – 3:21
8UPSa – 3:00 8WWUa – 3:04
8WWUna – 3:12.32 8SPU – 3:13.86
8UPSb – 3:21 8WWUnb – 3:33
——————– ——————– ——————–
8UPSa – 3:04 8WWUb – 3:16
8WWUnmix – 3:27 8UPSb – 3:29
8UPS – 3:45 8SPU – 3:54
4SPUb – 3:33 4WWUb – 3:39
8WWUb – 3:15 8UPSb – 3:30
——————– ——————– ——————–
4WWUa – 3:17 4SPUa – 3:33
4WWUb – 3:38 4UPS – 3:49.76 4SPUb – 3:52.12
4WWUa – 3:20 4SPU – 3:28 4UPS – 3:51

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Mar 16 2014

Western looks strong heading into spring

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Western’s men’s crew team carries boats out of the Lakewood Boathouse on Monday, March 10, at Lake Whatcom. The crew team practices every weekday starting at 5 a.m. // Photo by Evan Abell

Devon Zahm / The Western Front

The Western men’s crew team launches into spring season with hopes of coming away with its third consecutive Northwest Collegiate Rowing Conference title.

The team springs into its competitive season on Saturday, March 15, when it will host the University of Puget Sound and Seattle Pacific University in the first regatta of the season, The Western Washington University Invitational, on Lake Samish. The teams will race 1,000 meters—half the distance of the regulation 2,000-meter races — because the regatta is meant to gauge the teams’ abilities, senior team president Joe Gregersen said.

The WWU Invitational is the beginning of a jam-packed schedule including another regatta, the Frazier Valley duel, March 22, on Lake Whatcom. The team has a race scheduled for every weekend until Memorial Day, Gregersen said.

“When you finish a race and you win, there’s no referee, there’s no weird calls because everything is quantifiable and unarguable,” junior team vice president Carl Smith said. “[It] proves that you’re stronger than the other guys, you’re better than them.”

Smith is eager to begin competing because of the turnout this year. In the past, athletes either graduate or the time commitment became too much for them, but this year the team has a lot more returners, Smith said.

The returning rowers have all matured and are ready for new challenges, Gregersen said.

“We’ve got a lot of guys who were young last year and have really grown this year,” Gregersen said. “I think the whole team has a higher standard.”

This is the strongest team head coach Jack  Marolich has seen in his five years of coaching at Western, he said.

“Based on the team this year versus last year and the year before, I would say we have a better team,” Marolich said. “I’d like to think that it means that we have a better shot at winning the conference title, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.”

Participating on the crew team is rewarding, Smith said.

“[Rowing] is the only thing in my life where I’ve had to match the gaps with physical demand and mental ones,” Smith said. “But there’s physical accomplishment and mental fortitude for it.”

Gruesome weather conditions hindered the winter training schedule for the team, but hasn’t brought down its spirits, Marolich said.

The team practiced on the water less than in recent seasons because of wind, fog and snow. Instead, the members used the opportunity to focus on land workouts and training, making them stronger than in the past, Marolich said.

All rowers practice at 5 a.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. on Saturdays at Lake Whatcom. As a club sport, the men also have to pay to participate and must fundraise for team expenses, such as traveling and equipment.

“It takes someone who is quite motivated and dedicated to not only do all those things, but also wake up six days a week before most people even think of getting up,” Marolich said.


Read this article at The Western Front

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Feb 25 2014

Race against SU cancelled

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Hey all,

Unfortunately due to poor weather this winter leaving us with minimal practices and traveling complications, we will not be racing Seattle University this weekend. That race will hopefully be pushed to April 19th and we hope to see you all there! Thank you for all your support, it continually benefits the team! See you at Lake Samish for our duel against UPS.

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Dec 06 2013

Joining in the off season

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Hey all,

The team has been working out hard in the afternoons and trying to stay in shape as best as possible. For those who are interested in joining our team still, that is more than okay. We would love to have anyone out that is willing to put in the hard work. We do take on new guys through the first few weeks of winter quarter still so it’s not too late! If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, email our coach at or our Captain at They can keep you updated on what to do! Our first practice back is looking to be January 10th at 5:30pm at Carver Gym. Have a great winter break and stay in shape!

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Nov 15 2013

WSU Duel and HOTL Recap

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Hey all,

As you know, our team hosted WSU for the annual WSU v. WWU duel on Lake Whatcom, November 2nd. The morning started off fairly calm but as time went on, the storm blew in. The WWU and WSU Varsity 8’s launched at 8:30am with hopes of racing the shortened (3500m) course. As the five 8’s of men rowed out to Strawberry Point where the starting line waited for them, Lake Whatcom was beginning to white cap and the men were feeling winds with gusts well over 20mph. At the coaches discretion, the race was modified to a race rowing by fours with the hopes of holding a set boat through the rough chop. As the race began, all five 8’s jumped off the start, rowing by fours, switching back and fourth between bow four and stern four rowing. WWU A8+ took on a few very large waves, very quickly in a row, making the top 8 slowly take on water. WSU B8+ were in the same situation. With the four rowers attempting to bail the boat while their other four teammates continued to row, the water rushing over the gunwale of the boat was filling quicker than could be thrown back. WWU A8+ filled with water, the men unstrapped their feet and took a dip in Lake Whatcom quickly followed by WSU B8+ doing the same. Both boats were recovered and towed back to the dock and all men and women were safely picked up by the launch boats. Races following the Varsity 8’s were cancelled and the duel was called a WSU victory by getting two boats back to the dock compared to WWU’s one.


Head of the Lake proved to be a fantastic day of weather for the regatta, a nice treat having just swamped a boat the day before for the WWU Men. The A8+ split into a A4+ and B4+ for the regatta. Both 4’s had great races, placing 5th and 6th out of 11 teams in the collegiate V4+ race. Both 4’s finished behind UW A, UW B, Frazier Valley, Univ. of Oregon. The A4+ had a breakage with 850m to go, causing their time to suffer but held it together and finished the race as strong as possible with only 3 rowers.


The team is looking forward to spring racing and can’t wait to see all the friends, families, and fans out at the races showing their support! Thanks to all who support our team and enjoy watching us race!


WWU A4+ (Joe Gregersen, Carl Smith, Chris Swanson, Zak Balonick, Isabel Vassiliadis)


WWU B4+ (Henry Brown, Brad Verbon, Gen Carrillo, Roddy Van der Linden, Brayden Jacobsen)

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Oct 31 2013

Annual WSU Duel and Head of the Lake at UW

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Hey friends and families!

Sorry the updates have been minimal so far but school and training have been very intense. This weekend is huge for the team! We have our annual WSU duel, on Lake Whatcom, this Saturday (Nov. 2nd). It is our year to host them for some competitive but fun racing, so come on out and support your men’s crew team!!! Lakewood facility is rented out so there will be a nice and warm area to hangout in while the races are flying by the docks and a few snacks to enjoy. We hope to see EVERYONE out there! The larger the group, the more fun it is for everyone. This is the only race we host on our lake so we are really looking forward to it!

Address: 2410 Lake Whatcom Blvd.


7:45 am        Coach and Coxswain Meeting
8:30am        6.5k M race: WSU V8+, WSU Lwt8+, WSU 3V8+, WWU A8+, WWU B8+


10:00am      3.5k M race: WWU 1N8+, WWU 2N8+, WWU mixed 8+, WSU 1N8+, WSU 2N8+, WSU 3N8+
Awards following immediately after!

Come on out and see what all your guys have been training for! Dress warm!


Following the WSU Duel on saturday, the 1V4+ and 2V4+ (A8+ split) will be traveling to the University of Washington to race at Head of the Lake. This is a 5k race that starts in Lake Union and ends in Lake Washington by the UW boathouse. We would love the see the support in Seattle as well as we take on the fastest crews in the Nation! Our race starts at 9:30 am. Enjoy the intensity of rowing through the cut!

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Sep 27 2013

Friday Workout

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Hey everyone,

Great job yesterday with the group workout. We are seeing a lot of promising athletes this year and a lot of great coxswains! Today we will be meeting at Carver Gym by the bike racks in between SMATE and Carver. The practice today is at 5pm, bring your running shoes and proper rain workout clothes. We are excited to see everyone out there again today, we are looking at a very promising group and we hope to see every single one of you stick it out for the entire year. See you guys today at 5pm.


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