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Rowing has brought huge benefits to participants lives in the Western community since the team first began.  It is a sport that the Western team is dedicated to making available to all. The team accomplishes this through a number of means, including keeping participation expenses to a minimum. The expenses involved with running and effective an efficient team represent a constant challenge for a group that ultimately must count on being self funded. Maintaining an operational fleet of racing shells is a multi thousand dollar undertaking every year. The costs of race entries, trailering, regatta dues, gas, hotels and car rentals add to the financial burden. With increasing visibility of the program and a series of recent large victories in the conference and impressive showings regionally and nationally, the team looks towards a season of even larger growth and needs than years past. The advances the team has made are to the credit of support provided by alumni and friends of the Western Men’s Crew, and we look forward to the continued support to help us through another break through year.

We have established an account with the WWU Foundation where donations can be made directly to the team. 100% of the tax deductible gifts will be used to support the Crew program. Without donor support, it would be impossible to cover race expenses, equipment purchases and travel expenses.
If you are interested in donating to the team, you can ask for a foundation envelope, or you can do it online!  Thank you very much for your support.

To donate online, just go to:

  • Enter the amount
  • Specify that you want to donate to Men’s Crew
  • If you would like your donation to go towards a particular purchase, a regatta or special event, please use the space provided on the donation form to let us know.

Once you fill out your information, you will be added to our mailing list so that you receive a copy of our newsletter and can keep up with our current events.

All additional questions should be sent to



Donations intended for specific items can be handled either through the foundation donations, or by making contact with the coach or captain initially. If you have any questions about how to handle specific donations or would like to hear more about one of our goals, please get in contact with the coach at

-A new Vespoli 8. Team growth has meant that current resources are being taxed. This new boat will mean more guys getting more water time, and will allow our increasingly deep field of rowers to compete with good equipment. The 8 will cost a lump total of approximately $25,000, with payment options allowing an initial payment of $7,000 and subsequent payments of $6,000.

– 8 new C2 ergs. To effectively handle winter conditions, the team needs to have a fully operational and more extensive set of training equipment. Expanding our erg number to accommodate our new team size is essential. Ergs can either by paid for by specific donation, or can be donated directly to the team. If you have questions about the logistics of getting an erg to the Men’s Crew in Bellingham, please feel free to get in contact with

-5 new Speed Coaches. With a growing fleet, new equipment is needed.

-2 new spotlights, 1 set of walkie-talkies for coaches. There are a variety of smaller items like this that would be great additions to the coaching staffs equipment locker.

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