Nov 10 2009


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*** The men’s crew team is currently putting together our warm-up shirts for the 2012-2013 season!***

These shirts are worn by all crew team members when getting on the water before a race, designed to keep sun off our athletes until just before the race. Sizable donations will land a logo or name on these shirts! Contact for details!


If you’ve been involved in rowing, you realize that running a successful program requires financial support. Due to budget cuts, Men’s Crew at Western is no longer a Varsity Sport supported by the Athletic Department. It is a Club Sport which ultimately must be self funded. To achieve that goal, team members have been working hard in a variety of fundraising events, applying for grants and looking for sponsorship from the business community.

We are also seeking support from Alumni and Friends of the Men’s Crew program. We have established an account with the WWU Foundation where you can donate funds to support the team. A funding request was sent out with The Rigger. 100% of the tax deductible gifts will be used to support the Crew program.
If you are interested in donating to the team, you can ask for a foundation envelope, or you can do it online! The wonderful people at the foundation office have made the process really simple, and as a team, we really appreciate it!  Thank you for your support!

Just go to:

  • Enter the amount
  • Specify that you want to donate to Men’s Crew
  • Then fill out a little bit of information about yourself!

Once you fill out your information, you will be added to our mailing list so that you receive a copy of our newsletter and can keep up with our current events.



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