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We have always prided ourselves on our alumni involvement. We appreciate alumni attendance at races, and every donation made. We hope to continue receiving your support in our upcoming seasons! Information about upcoming alumni events will be posted on the “Events” page and main page. Keep checking back for info about alumni day, and a possible alumni head race!

From the Western Front, Tuesday May 6th, 1975. V8+ rows through Montlake Cut in Seattle

The Western Foundation is proud to announce that in the summer of 2009 the WWU Men‘s Crew endowment reached its minimum funding goal. After four years and the dedication of many, the fund has reached the minimum amount of $20,000.00. The team will now receive an annual disbursement to assist in funding equipment and travel. This represents a proud moment ensuring the survival and success of the program.

Please keep in mind that this proud accomplishment only represents a beginning. You‘re continued financial commitment only increases funding and resources for the future well being of the program. As the economy continues to batter college budgets this is the best way for the program to guarantee its financial future.

Donating is easy, and donations are now accepted online!:
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