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The Novice 4+ that placed third at the WIRA Championships, 2012. Only one member had rowing experience prior to attending Western.

Crew is a sport that takes dedication, mental and physical strength, courage and teamwork. It is a challenging sport, with huge rewards.

The Men’s Crew Program at Western Washington University is looking for new dedicated athletes. Rowing is a great way to exercise, have fun, and be competitive with big-name Pac-10 schools like WSU. All students of WWU may to join, regardless of past experience.

Experienced rowers who have rowed in high school will find Western’s crew program challenging and rewarding.

New rowers will be on the water within a couple of days of joining. You’ll learn the basics of a rowing stroke and will be racing within months!

Athletes interested in rowing should visit the men’s crew booth at the fall 2012 red square info fair, and are strongly encouraged to join the team at the beginning of fall quarter to take advantage of the development stages new rowers are coached through in the fall. However, the team accepts new rowers year-round. 

The victorious Novice 8 at the NCRC championships, 2012

Training Information
In the Fall the team practices 4 days a week, and in the Winter and Spring 6 days a week. We start practice from 5am-7am Monday-Friday, and at 7am on Saturdays. Each practice is different, consisting of some skill work, and some longer piece work. We train in all sorts of weather conditions, so be prepared!
*Novice rowers are slowly assimilated into the rigorous winter and spring seasons, with afternoon land practices mixed in with morning practices 2-4 times a week.

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