Feb 25 2013

Samish Sprints Schedule

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Hey everyone,

The Lake Samish race is coming up quick and we would love to see all of our family, friends, and fans out there as it will be our only “home” race this year. It will be a lot of fun but dress warm because it will probably be cold! Thanks to everyone who has been supporting our team, we appreciate every bit of it. Here is the race schedule for Saturday, March 9th!



0900     WWUa             vs         WWUb

0905     UPSb               vs         UPSa

0910     UPSc                vs         WWUc


0920     WWUa             vs         UPSb

0925     WWUb             vs         UPSa

0930     WWUc             vs         UPSc



0945     WWUa             vs         UPSb

0950     WWUc              vs        UPSa


1010      UPSa               vs         WWUb

1015      UPSb               vs         WWUc



1030     WWUc             vs         UPSc

1035     WWUb             vs         UPSb

1040     WWUa             vs         UPSa


1055     WWUb             vs         UPSb

1100      WWUa             vs         UPSa

1105      WWUb             vs         WWUc

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