Men Headed to Lake Natoma


WIRA Racing!

The Vikings are travelling to California to compete this weekend at the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championships on Lake Natoma, Rancho Cordova. Spectators can view racing from the park adjoining the Sacramento State Aquatic Center. This is the regional championship regatta for West Coast schools, excluding most of the Pac-12 crews. The team is entering 2 boats, the varsity 8+ and novice 4+, both of which they feel have speed to advance to Grand Final racing on Sunday. The racing schedule for the weekend can be found HERE. This regatta will be a great preview to how they should fair the following weekend in Eugene in their conference NCRC Championship. The team is aiming to take home the NCRC Team Points Trophy for the 3rd year in a row! Go Vikings!

Western vs. SU Results

WWU vs. SU
Both WWU & SU crews in front of the Lakewood Boathouse following racing

This last Saturday the Redhawks visited the Vikings on their home course for their second annual duel. The water started out flat at 7AM, but the wind came in quickly from the SE by the time racing got started. The first event of the day, the Varsity 8, saw a tail/crosswind from the SE that churned up some waves, but the course remained rowable. The Vikings led the 2-2.5k race from the beginning and finished 4 lengths ahead of the Redhawks. The second race of the day, the N8’s, also saw increasingly rough water and once again a stout tail/crosswind on the shortened 1500m course. The 1st Western N8 led the race from the first strokes and finished 5+ boat lengths in the lead. The race between Western’s 2N8+ and SU was a close one however, and the Redhawks edged out the Vikings by a length in the last 500m of racing. Unfortunately the 4’s races were cancelled due to poor rowing conditions.

It was a great time for both teams and the Vikings look forward to hosting SU again next year! The team now looks forward to the WIRA and NCRC Championships coming up in the next 2 weeks. Western will be taking their V8+ and N4+ to Rancho Cordova, CA this next weekend, then the whole team will be in Eugene, OR on the weekend on May 3rd. See you at the races!

Seattle U Duel – Lake Whatcom, Bellingham 4/19/14

SU vs VikingsPlease join the Vikings on their home course this weekend where they’ll host Seattle U in their second annual Spring duel. Both teams are nearing the peak of Spring racing season and taking one last swing before heading to Rancho Cordova, CA to compete at the WIRA Championships on 4/26 & 27. Spectators are welcome to watch from the Lakewood Watersports Facility where they can see roughly the last 750 meters of racing. Schedule below:

9:45 – V8+
10:30 – N8+
11:15 – LtWtV4+
12:00 – N4+

Covered Bridge Results

Vikings Take Home Team Points Award!

This past weekend the Vikings had a very successful race on Dexter Lake in Oregon. The team came away with 4 wins: Varsity 8+, Varsity 4+, Novice 8+, and Novice 4+. The day of racing started out with a decisive open water lead in the V8+ over Sanoma State, a crew that the team rarely sees outside of California racing. It was followed by another win by the N4+ that not only bested the field in their heat, but posted the fastest time in both heats by 6 seconds. Next came a win by the V4+ that both took their heat and posted the fastest time between the 2 heats by 4 seconds. In one of the more surprising and exciting races of the day, both of Western’s N8+’s finished 1 & 2 in a 4 boat field, with the 2N8+ besting the 3rd place competitor by 40 seconds! To cap off a great day of racing, the Vikings (Men & Women) took home the team points efficiency award, which measured how well all the boats placed vs. their competitors. The dominance of the crew this past weekend was long overdue and the boats are finding their speed just in time for championship racing, starting with WIRA’s on Lake Natoma the weekend of April 26th. You can check out results of this last weekend’s racing¬†HERE.

WWU Rowing

Covered Bridge Regatta 4/12/14

CBR11_U of O
Covered Bridge 2k meter race course – view from the finish line

Vikings Heading to Dexter Lake

The Vikings are travelling to Dexter Lake, OR this weekend to compete in the Covered Bridge Regatta. It is a 2-day event attracting masters, juniors, and collegiate athletes from Washington to California, although all collegiate racing takes place on Saturday. The Viking crews have been steadily finding more speed week to week and this weekend will be a good test of their progress vs. crews that they don’t race against too often. This is a great lake for spectators, and the surroundings are beautiful, so please come and support the team! You can find a schedule of racing HERE. Information and directions to venue can be found HERE.

Husky Open This Saturday – 4/5/14



¬†Racing UW through the “Cut”

Join the Vikings this weekend in Seattle and watch them race through the Montlake Cut! They will be fielding a V8, JV8, and F8 and facing a few of the top collegiate crews in the nation: UW, OSU, and Drexel. This is a great opportunity for the crews to “race up” and test their speed through one of the best rowing courses on the West Coast. This is a terrific race for spectators as well; the whole course can be seen from an aerial view on the Montlake Bridge or up close and personal along the base of the cut. Schedule below:

husky open 2