Friday Workout

Hey everyone,

Great job yesterday with the group workout. We are seeing a lot of promising athletes this year and a lot of great coxswains! Today we will be meeting at Carver Gym by the bike racks in between SMATE and Carver. The practice today is at 5pm, bring your running shoes and proper rain workout clothes. We are excited to see everyone out there again today, we are looking at a very promising group and we hope to see every single one of you stick it out for the entire year. See you guys today at 5pm.


Info Meeting Wednesday AW210 @7pm

Hey everyone,

Just a reminder that we will be having an informational meeting for EVERYONE interested in our team on Wednesday, September 25th, in Academic West 210 at 7pm. This is where you will gather most of the information about us and what we do. I hope to see A LOT of faces at the meeting! We are all getting pumped for an extremely competitive season and a lot of fast new rowers. See you all tomorrow at the info fair by the rec center and at our meeting on wednesday. Thanks.


-Joe Gregersen
WWU Men’s Crew Captain
(206) 437-3931

Vikings season starting soon!

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone had a great summer and worked out hard. As many of you know, our season is starting very soon! Get ready because starting next week we will be having a few land practices and meetings so that we are ready for our first practice on the water, September 28th. Here are a few important upcoming dates:

September 23rd and 24th: Sport Club Info Fair (@ Wade King Rec Center)

September 25th: Informational Meeting for ALL interested in rowing this year (@ Academic Instructional Center – West Wing (AW) 210 from 7pm-8pm)

September 28th: First water practice (@ Lakewood)

So for all those who are interested in rowing for us this year, swing by the Sport Club Info Fair and come talk to us! We will be handing out fliers with the meeting time on it (Frazier 4 @ 7pm) and you can meet some of the guys!

It is IMPORTANT to know, you DO NOT need to have any rowing experience to join our team.

Our team is built primarily off of guys with no pre-college rowing experience and our amazing coaches turn us into championship rowers. If you aren’t able to make it to either of the two info fair days, feel free to email me at See you guys soon, we are hoping to have the biggest turnout yet! Every year our team is getting bigger, faster, and more dominant!

-Joe Gregersen
WWU Men’s Crew Captain


From Bow to Stern (L to R): Chris Swanson (F), Johnny Bartich (S), Brayden Jacobsen (F), Carl Smith (S), Nate Thies (Sn), Joe Gregersen (J), Zak Balonick (J), Nolan Shinn (J), Isabel Vassiliadis (F)

Racing on the Schuylkill River, Philadelphia PA

Hey all,

I apologize about not following up after our Varsity 4 traveled to Philadelphia for the Dad Vail regatta but school was hectic and after that it slipped my mind. Following our victorious NCRC Championship, the Varisty 4 (Joe Gregersen, Nate Thies, Carl Smith, Zak Balonick, Isabel Vassiliadis) flew across the country to race at a national championship, the Dad Vail Regatta. Meeting them out there was a brand new Vespoli 4+, purchased by the team earlier that spring. After going for a few practice rows in the new boat, the V4 was getting better acquainted and familiar with the new boat and beginning to feel a little more comfortable. The structure of the event had heat races, semi-finals, and the grand final. Each race, teams had to place top 2 in order to advance. The V4 took their lane at the starting line on the day of the heat races and when the flag dropped they held nothing back. They took a close 2nd place after a rocky race but they advanced to the semi-finals. Adjusting to a new boat is not easy and the V4 was hoping for a better race the following day in their semi-final race. On the warm up to the semis, races were delayed, due to course malfunction, for nearly 50 minutes. They started their race, had a great jump immediately off the line but the extreme wind and currents led the next lanes boat directly into the side of our V4. The race was restarted, it was a clean start but a rocky race. Unfortunately the V4 did not advance to the grand finals after finishing in a disappointing 4th place. Based on overall times, the WWU V4+ took 12th out of 58 schools competing in the men’s Varsity 4+ race. The team is hoping to return next year and give everyone a run for a podium finish.

Thank you all who support us every year and make rowing possible and enjoyable!