Viking Volunteers

With snow flurries whipping about and wind chills well into the single digits, the Men’s Crew Team took a change of course from the usual Saturday practice. Instead of rowing on Lake Whatcom or running Taylor Hill, the team drove up north to Sumas, WA to take part in a Habitat for Humanity housing project. Unlike on the water, members of the crew team were taking a different kind of stroke: the stroke of a steady paint brush.

Working in a heated yet unfinished house, the volunteers helped transform the barren white walls and drywall dusted floors into something a little more like home. The site supervisor and veteran volunteers (along with the candidates for the house) were eager to teach the rowers a thing or two about painting. Along with the paint job, a few members of the team worked under the house securing insulation material. With valuable trade skills and the gratification of helping others, the team had a great time helping out with the project. We would like to thank Mateo, Chris, Jake, Kim, Victor and Jessica for allowing us to be part of such a great program. We wish the best of luck to the future homeowner Victor and his family.

Viking Rowers Deep in Winter Training

The WWU Crew has been out in full force through what has been an especially cold January in Bellingham, with early morning temperatures often falling below freezing.

The team is burning through exceedingly tougher workouts on both land and water as racing season draws near. Fueling the hard work is a sense of determination and drive for success as the Vikings look ahead to Spring Season and the conference championships.

Memories of last year, including the Vikings’ tough loss to the University of Puget Sound in the annual dual on Lake Samish, provide added motivation.

“I try to picture my rivals next to me on each erg piece. I know the second I finish a workout whether or not I went hard enough, and if I can hit that point while I’m training then I’ll know how to take it even further on race day,” says Brandon Heller, second year rower.

A victory this year over UPS and other rivals in the Varsity Eight and Novice Eight categories at the Northwest Collegiate Rowing Conference Championships will likely mean an overall points victory, securing a major team goal for the 2011 season.

And so the training continues.