This quarter, a few of the past and present rowers are working on creating a video about Western Crew. If you would like to be included in the video by sending in a statement about why you enjoyed crew, any stand-out memories or experiences, or any information you think a novice should know before joining, we would love to hear it! You can send an email with a video or written statement and your name to and we will try and include everything we can! (We’ll also make sure to send you the video when we are done!)

Also, if anyone has photos from over the years that they would like posted on the website and possibly included in the video, we would love to have them!

Alumni and Parent Day

There has been a change of schedule in order to let people hang out and socialize, as well as time to eat and organize the alumni into a boat. We will start to get things going at 10am, with plans to start the race at 11am. If you plan on racing, please be there well before 11. The parent rowing will start around 12, and the annual alumni golf turnament starts at 1.  Can’t wait to see everyone there!


The pictures section of our website has been updated! There are now a few pictures from the Daffodil Regatta, and even more from the Duel this past weekend. If anyone has any photos they would let us put on the website please send us an email at

Another update for everyone:
Parents and Alumni day is fast approaching! We wanted to make sure that everyone has time to plan accordingly in order to attend.
When: April 24, 2010 at 11:00am
Where: Our boathouse at Lakewood
Who: Everyone!
What: The annual Alumni vs. Current V8+. Afterwards we are planning some sort of bbq and everyone that wants a chance to get in a boat and paddle around will have that chance (weather permitting).
Can’t wait to see everyone there!!

NCRC Championships

Our conference championships are coming up this Saturday 4/17 and will be held on Vancouver Lake in Vancouver, WA. We hope to see everyone there rooting on the Vikings!

Right now, the tentative schedule looks like this (our events are in bold):
8:15- Women’s 2V 8+
8:30- Men’s Varsity 8+
8:45-Women’s Varsity 8+
9:00- Women’s 2nd Nov 4+
9:15- Men’s 2nd Nov 4+
9:30- Break
9:45- Men’s 2V4+
10:00- Women’s 2V4+
10:15- Women’s 2-
10:30- Men’s 2-
10:45- Break
11:00- Women’s Nov. 4+
Men’s Nov. 4+
Women’s 2nd Nov 8+
Women’s Vars. Lwt 4+
Men’s Vars. Lwt 4+
Women’s 3V 8+ or Lwt8+
13:15- Women’s Nov. Lwt 4+
Men’s Novice Lwt 4+
Women’s 1V 4+
Men’s 1V 4+
Women’s Novice 8+
Men’s Novice 8+
COX’N 4 +

This schedule is subject to change, however this is the general time frame.

UPS Dual Race Schedule on 4/10

10:00 Men’s Varsity 8:      WWU, UPS A, UPS B

10:15 Men’s Novice 4:        WWU,  UPS

10:30 Women’s Novice/3v8      WWU, UPS

10:45 Women’s Second Varsity 8     WWU, UPS

11:00  Women’s Varsity 8          WWU, UPS

11:15 Men’s Varsity 4      WWU, UPS

Come out to Lake Samish this Saturday to support Viking Rowing!

Daffodil Regatta and San Diego Crew Classic Report

The Vikings opened the spring racing season on Saturday, March 27th with appearances at the San Diego Crew Classic and Daffodil Regatta in Tacoma, WA.

The Vikings hold off UCLA and Orange Coast in the final 100m
The Vikings (blue shell) hold off UCLA and Orange Coast in the final 100m

In San Diego, The Varsity 8+ awoke at 5 AM and headed to Mission Bay for their first race of the season. Nerves were high, especially among the three first year rowers competing at a varsity level. The vikings fought through a tough heat in the morning but finished 5th, behind University of British Columbia, Grand Valley, Drexel, and Georgia Tech. Disappointed in their performance, the vikings headed to the third final later that day to prove they belonged among some of the nation’s top 8’s.

As the race started, UCLA and rowing powerhouse Orange Coast College immediately took a commanding 1st and 2nd place lead. Passing the 1000m mark, the vikings sat about three quarters of a boat length back from the leader, UCLA, and still trailed Orange coast by about half a length. The vikings soon pushed through both crews in the final 1000m, easily rowing through UCLA while Orange coast struggled to hang on to the viking’s push.  In the end, the viking 8 held off a late charge from Orange Coast and finished a seat up on the crew from Costa Mesa, taking first out of five boats in the third final.

All in all, the rowers were happy with their performance and everyone enjoyed the sun and watching top national-level crews compete in beautiful San Diego. It was a valuable experience and a great way to kick off the 2010 racing season.

In Tacoma, the viking novice crew competed against several local NCRC rivals, including UPS and Lewis and Clark. In the novice four event, the viking crew immediately shot to the front, battling for first with Seattle University, well ahead of several other crews. Unfortunately, at the 500m mark, a large wake pushed the crew out of their lane, forcing them to stop and correct their course, losing their first position and falling behind. The rowers were disappointed in their luck, but optimistic and excited for their next race.

Unfortunately, the Husky Open this Saturday was canceled due to inclement weather.

It looks to be an exciting and competitive 2010 racing season, as the vikings prepare to face the University of Puget Sound in a dual regatta on Lake Samish this saturday at 10 AM. Come support your viking men and women rowing crews in their only home regatta of the season!