2016 Covered Bridge Regatta

Following some tough sledding against UW at the Husky Open, the boys headed down to Eugene to the Covered Bridge Regatta.
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HEAT: N8+ takes 4th with a 7:13.00, races again at 12:10pm

HEAT: N4+ B, 5th place with 8:29

HEAT: N4+ A, 2nd with 7:22

HEAT: V4+ B, 2nd with 7:43

HEAT: V4+ A, 3rd with 7:28

FINAL: V8+ wins it with 6:55

FINAL: V4+ A/B final, A boat takes 2nd with 7:51, B boat takes 5th with 8:10

FINAL: N4+ takes 2nd with 8:00